Contact No.
1122 for Emergency

Medical Emergency Service

Two hundred and twenty-four (224) state-of-the-art, fully equipped Rescue 1122 ambulances were acquired with funding from the World Bank. These ambulances have been officially handed over to the Health Department to fulfill the government’s mandate of delivering ambulatory services to the general public of Sindh Province. The deployment and coordination of ambulances across the entire province are managed through the Central Command & Control of the Sindh Emergency Rescue Service (Rescue-1122) under the Rehabilitation Department of the Government of Sindh.

Fire Fighter Service

Our fire fighter service is responsible for responding to fires and other emergencies, such as natural disasters or hazardous material incidents. Firefighters are highly trained professionals who are equipped with specialized tools and equipment to extinguish fires, rescue individuals from burning buildings or other dangerous situations, and provide medical assistance when needed.

Water Rescue Service

We Provide trained personnel who are skilled in water rescue techniques, such as diving, swimming, or using rescue ropes. Water rescue services may be called upon to respond to a variety of emergency situations, including boating accidents, drowning incidents, or natural disasters such as floods or hurricanes. In addition to responding to emergencies, water rescue services may also be involved in public education and outreach programs aimed at promoting water safety and preventing accidents.

Urban Search and Rescue Service

Urban search and rescue (USAR) is a specialized form of emergency response focused on locating, extricating, and providing medical care to victims who are trapped or injured in urban or suburban areas, typically as a result of natural disasters, structural collapse, or other catastrophic events.
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