Contact No.
1122 for Emergency

Rescuer’s Oath

       I solemnly affirm to serve the Sindh Emergency Service Rescue 1122 with complete devotion and honour the physical and judicial laws of Allah, Service and man. I shall always be polite and treat all victims without any discrimination of caste, region, colour or religion.

       shall also share my knowledge with those who may benefit from what I have learnt and shall not participate in any mischievous or political activity nor shall I instigate anyone for it.

       Whenever, I enter any premises, my aim shall purely be to rescue, treat, prevent or manage an emergency as the need may be and I shall never disclose any personal information of the victim to anyone unless required by law.

       I shall obey all the orders given to me by my seniors and shall go through land, air or sea, whenever I am ordered to do so to rescue or save human lives even if it endangers my own life.

       May God give me the strength to help make a better world for all humanity and should I trespass or violate this Oath, may the reverse by my lot!

So help me Allah!

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